Negative Attitudes to Traveller and Roma Confirmed in New Survey

Pavee Point Traveller & Roma centre welcomes today’s publication of a Government poll on attitudes towards groups protected under equality legislation.

“Sadly this survey highlights the ongoing higher levels of negative attitudes and the ongoing discrimination against Travellers and Roma,” said Martin Collins, Co Director Pavee Point, “This has also been reflected in previous studies such as that by the Fundamental Rights Agency.”

According to the survey only 53% reported feeling comfortable living next door to either Travellers or Roma compared to 96% for white Irish.  The survey also states 43% reported feeling comfortable with their child being in a relationship with a Traveller compared to 95% for white Irish.

In this poll, carried out by IPSOS, for the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, Travellers and Roma have low scores across all the survey questions.  

“Critically,” said Martin Collins, “The survey shows Travellers being the most impacted when it comes to employment with 67% surveyed saying Traveller identity is a disadvantage in hiring compared to 15% for civil status (whether single married separated divorced widowed people civil partners and former civil partners).”  Other highly disadvantaged groups in hiring are people with a disability (65%) and Roma (63%).

“We welcome the fact there is now a much needed National Action Plan Against Racism (NAPR) and that there is a Special Rapporteur on Racism to be appointed.  We call for the immediate setting up of the NAPR Implementation Committee and for the Department to ensure there is representation on this Committee from Traveller and Roma organisations,” added Mr. Collins.

Full survey here.