Education is recognised as a fundamental right in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Irish State has obligations to promote and protect equal access and treatment in education. Yet, the educational outcomes for Traveller children remain low.

■ 33% of Travellers are enrolled in upper secondary education in comparison with over 90% of the population in the same age band – Census 2016

■ Less than 1% of Travellers go on to third level education – Census 2016

For many Travellers the school experience remains a negative one. While segregated education has been largely done away with Traveller children continue to have negative experiences at school and face barriers in completing their education.

Pavee Point successfully lobbied for the current Programme for Government to include a commitment to develop a Traveller Education Strategy that addresses inclusion at all levels of the education system.  The Department of Education is currently holding consultations in relation to this Strategy.

Pavee Point Education Programmes