Pavee Point Abhors All Instances of Animal Cruelty

Pavee Point first and foremost would like to state that we as an organisation, abhor all instances of animal cruelty, any of which are totally unacceptable. A recent incident of the death of a horse as reported on social media over the weekend in particular is a shameful act and should never have happened.
The perpetrators in these matters need to be held accountable and we urge anyone with information on animal cruelty to report it to the Gardaí so that investigations and prosecutions can take place.
We do not support sulky racing on public roads, especially to the detriment of an innocent animal, and wholeheartedly support the development of official tracks for sulky racing which could be developed, in the context of the €70 million given by the government to Horse Racing Ireland each year.
Pavee Point works to promote high standards in animal care and, along with other Traveller organisations, has been involved in promoting positive animal welfare with the relevant players.
It’s unfortunate that the Traveller community as a whole is blamed and vilified when videos are posted on social media as there are many examples of good animal welfare and care in the Traveller community. Unfortunately some individuals in all communities perpetrate shameful acts of animal cruelty, which is not related to a person’s ethnic identity.
Our society, as a whole, needs to work in solidarity on these issues to raise awareness and to enable people to respond in meaningful ways that do not create greater divisions in our society.
Please see our research report on Traveller Horse Ownership  –