Census2022 resources to increase Traveller and Roma participation

Pavee Point today, in partnership with the Central Statistics Office, launches culturally appropriate resources to support Traveller and Roma participation in Census 2022.  This includes leaflets and videos made by, and for, Travellers and Roma.

These resources explain the importance of participation in the Census and address concerns or fears that some Travellers and Roma may have in engaging with the Census, including voluntarily self-identifying ethnicity in the Census form.

We welcome the inclusion of Roma ethnicity in Census 2022 for the first time. This is something that Pavee Point has long advocated for and was piloted nationally by the CSO in 2018. To support Roma participation, and in partnership with the CSO, we have produced leaflets and videos in English, Romanian, Czech and Slovak.

“We hope the inclusion of Roma ethnicity in Census 2022 will make Roma in Ireland more visible, ” said Martin Collins, Pavee Point Co Director.

“Data on ethnicity is a vital tool that can be used to inform evidenced based policies and services. Disaggregated data from the Census can be used to identify and address discrimination and racism and monitor equality. It’s also instrumental in informing the struggle to advocate for, and protect, Traveller and Roma human rights.”

Supporting Census Staff and Traveller Organisations

 Building on over 20 years of partnership with the CSO, Pavee Point continues in Census 2022 to engage with the CSO to support Census staff by providing anti-racism and discrimination training with Census managers and enumerators. We also undertake national co-ordination with Traveller organisations and groups working with Roma.   

Filling in the Census form

 “Our work has focused on developing capacity with the Census Enumerators in engaging with Travellers on the ground and supporting confidence and understanding of the Census amongst Travellers. The results speak for themselves, we have seen a significant increase in Travellers voluntarily self-identifying their ethnicity since 2006,” added Martin Collins.

Pavee Point has a longstanding partnership with CSO, and since the 1990s, we have advocated alongside other Traveller organisations, for the introduction of a universal ethnicity question. This resulted directly in the introduction of the first ethnicity/cultural background question to the Census in 2006.

Census forms are being delivered between 3rd March and Census Night – 3rd April.