Pavee Point present to the British Irish Parliamentary Assembly

The British Irish Parliamentary Assembly met in Leinster House  in January to consider issues facing Travellers and Roma in their jurisdictions.  Membership is composed of Members of the Houses of the Oireachtas, House of Commons, the House of Lords, the Northern Ireland Assembly, the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly.

Pavee Point representatives presented to the Assembly, outlining key issues facing Travellers and Roma in Ireland and called for the following:

  • The Irish State to formally recognise Traveller ethnicity and implement policies which respect Traveller culture and identity. Traveller inclusion in anti-racism and intercultural initiatives by design.
  • Ethnic data to be collected on administrative systems, within a human rights framework and the law in order to promote equality and address discrimination.
  • The reversal of cuts to Traveller initiatives and the establishment of a Traveller Agency (or colocation of Traveller officials under the aegis of a single Government Department) and Traveller specific performance targets to be introduced within civil and public services.
  • Introduction of a reserved Traveller seat in the Senate and further positive action measures to promote Traveller/Roma political representation and engagement at local and national levels.
  • Elaboration of a positive and progressive National Traveller Roma Integration Strategy for Ireland developed in partnership with Travellers and Roma and their representative organisations. 

The Assembly will compile reports on the situation on all members’ jurisdictions and a report with recommendations for governments will be produced in 2014.  Pavee Point looks forward to the development of this report.