Pavee Point supports the Turn off the Red Light (TORL) Campaign

Pavee Point supports the Turn off the Red Light (TORL) Campaign to end prostitution and sex trafficking in Ireland. Trafficking women and girls for the purposes of sexual exploitation is a modern and global form of slavery. The TORL campaign believes that the best way to stop the trafficking of women and children is to end the demand for prostitution by making the buying of sex a crime.

Pavee Point is a member of the TORL campaign as it believes that prostitution harms and exploits women and children and that it is inextricably linked to human trafficking. Research has shown that disproportionately women in prostitution are members of socially disadvantaged groups, including minority ethnic communities.

Traveller and Roma women and children are at risk of being prostituted and in particular, Roma women and girls are at specific risk of trafficking. A report conducted by the European Roma Rights Centre and People in Need (2011) details the significant over representation of Roma communities in trafficked persons and the high correlation between trafficking of Roma women and children and sexual exploitation.

Currently the Government is considering what should be done to reform the law on prostitution.  Pavee Point supports the TORL campaign to make buy sex a crime and we ask that you also give your support.