Pavee Point to attend ‘Solidarity March’ on Saturday 2nd March 2024

On Saturday 2nd March 2024, Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre will be taking part in the Solidarity March, organised by Le Chéile, a cross-sectoral alliance working together to challenge the far right in Ireland.
The theme of the March is to ‘Stand Together’:- in solidarity against racism, hate & war- for homes, heath and rights for all- to share the wealth and end inequality.

The March will take place at 1:30pm and start in the Garden of Remembrance.

Martin Collins, Co-Director of Pavee Point spoke on the importance of attending the march: ‘It’s important we stand together in solidarity to challenge the rise in racism and to challenge those who peddle hatred and division and who scape-goat minorities for the ills of society. We need the urgent implementation of the National Action Plan Against Racism, and also the urgent introduction of the new hate speech legislation.’


Le Chéile is a coalition made up of ‘political parties, unions, civil society organisations and individuals, all of which have a shared aim of making Ireland a country where all can live without the fear of harassment or persecution because of their ethnicity, beliefs, ability, gender, sexuality or identity.’

You can find out more about Le Chéile and their work here.