Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre Receives Max van der Stoel Award for Work with Travellers and Roma

Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre is delighted to accept the prestigious Max van der Stoel Award presented by the Organisation of Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE) and the Government of the Netherlands.

“This award offers great encouragement for our work,” said Pavee Point Co Director, Martin Collins, “As it is for presented for extraordinary and outstanding achievements in improving the position of minorities. It acknowledges especially the contribution our organisation is making during the current COVID19 crisis in terms of supporting Travellers and Roma. “

“We’d also like to acknowledge & thank Brendan Gogarty who nominated us for the award.”

“The ongoing pandemic has demonstrated the value of a strong Traveller health infrastructure underpinned by community development as Traveller Organisations, Traveller Primary Health Care Projects and Traveller Health Units mobilised across the country, working collectively to ensure that Travellers and Roma, especially those who are most vulnerable, are protected,” said Ronnie Fay, Co Director Pavee Point. 

“Pavee Point played a critical role in this work and we are very gratified that our efforts have been acknowledged.” 

The COVID19 pandemic has also underscored the importance of a whole of government and interagency approach in responding to the challenges faced by Travellers and Roma. 

“It will be important that this joined up thinking and whole of Government approach to addressing Traveller and Roma health inequalities is maintained into the future as we know that 90% of what affects your health happens outside of the medical system,” said Ms. Fay. 

Max van der Stoel, the first Higher Commissioner on National Minorities with the OSCE and twice Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, had an inspiring track record on human rights. 

“Human rights and equality are core to Pavee Point’s work and to enabling Travellers and Roma to live with dignity and reach their full potential in society,” said Mr. Collins.

Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre would also like to acknowledge & thank Brendan Gogarty who nominated us for the award.

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