“Pavees Travelleing Through the Generations” Launched in Pavee Point

“The life of Irish Travellers has changed hugely within a few generations.

Many older Travellers on different sites fear a loss of culture is occurring.  They feel intimidated by the young Travellers as they cannot identify with their modern ways, slang and education.  This creates a gap between generations.

Similarly, younger Travellers feel that older Travellers are always giving out about them regardless of what they do and so they don’t make attempts to communicate with them.

To address these difference and narrow the gap between the generations, a group of Travellers of different ages came together at Pavee Point to work on a unique mutigenerational project.

Travelleling Through the Generations is the fruit of that work.”

As part of the EU Year for Inter-generational Solidarity (2012),  and to mark the Traveller Pride week 2013, this book was launched today at Pavee Point by Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh.