Pavees Worried About Suicide – Leaflet About What You Can Do

On #WorldSuicidePreventionDay 2021 we are launching a comprehensive leaflet to help Travellers who may be worried about suicide and a loved one.

“As Travellers we know that poor mental health and suicide is common in our community,” says Pavee Point Mental Health Worker Patrick Reilly.

“Often people may not know what to do to help that person. This leaflet explains about mental distress and the signs to look out for.

Click on Image for PDF of Leaflet

“It explains about some of the barriers to opening up that Travellers may experience and most of all it gives practical information and what people can do to support their loved one.

“There is also information on where to go for further supports.

“We hope this leaflet can be used by families, by Traveller groups and by people working with Travellers to promote positive mental health in the Traveller community.”