Physical, mental and spiritual well-being for World Mental Health Day

We know there is a mental health crisis within the Traveller community.  Sadly this often ends in suicide – as the suicide rate in the Traveller community is 7 times more

Looking after your mental health is a major issue for Travellers.  That’s why today our mental health event took in the 3 things needed for well being – physical, mental and spiritual health.

We made of point of going on a walk to get the exercise and fresh air which is important for your physical health.  Going on a walk with others means you can chat and talk and exchange with other people which is great for your mental health.

And at the end of our walk we visited a local grotto and said prayers for the victims of the Carrickmines fire as it is the 2nd anniversary of that tragic fire today.  Spirituality can also be expressed in other ways.

We met some of the local Dubliners at the grotto and this helps to build connections and make a person feel included.

Bereavement is one of the major triggers of poor mental health. Travellers have to deal with a lot of bereavement.  Infant mortality is four times the national rate and Traveller men die 15 years younger than settled men and Traveller women 12 years younger than settled women.

Read our Traveller mental health leaflet here.

When you add in discrimination and racism, marginalisation and exclusion it is no wonder Travellers find it hard to maintain a healthy mental outlook.  That is why we need targeted services for Travellers in mental health services.  Maybe today’s Budget 18 will deliver on some of this.

Some prefer to go for psychic readings to help them cope with life and one can also go on an official website and get help with their problems. The benefit of online psychic reading is that one can be selecting a day and time slot of their own preference. 

In Pavee Point we lobby the Government for services that are suitable for Travellers and raise awareness on these important health issues – which are so strongly linked to accommodation and employment.