Pre Budget Submission

In our Pre Budget Submission we are calling on the Government to help safeguard against child poverty in the Roma community and remove child benefit from habitual residence condition requirements   And we’re asking that the Government provides a humanitarian response to ensure that Roma families are not living without basic food and shelter.

©Photo by Derek Speirs
©Photo by Derek Speirs

We are also calling on the Government to reverse 90% cuts and immediately reinstate Traveller accommodation funding to 2008 levels, at a minimum of €40 million.  We also want the Government to introduce monitoring and sanctions to ensure local authorities deliver on their Traveller Accommodation Programmes so as to break the cycle of overcrowding and evictions currently being experienced by Traveller families.

We are also calling for the Government to analyse the potential impact of budgetary decisions on marginalised and disadvantaged groups in a systematic and transparent way to ensure their human rights are prioritised and safeguarded.

Full submission here:

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