President Michael D. Higgins pays tribute to Ronnie Fay

In a statement today, President Michael D. Higgins says Ronnie was ‘a shining light of advocacy for Traveller and Roma rights’.

“May I express on behalf of Sabina and myself, and as President of Ireland, what a great sadness it is to learn of the death of Ronnie Fay, Co-Director of Pavee Point, a founding member and its driving force.

“For almost 40 years, with Ronnie at its heart, Pavee Point has campaigned for Traveller and Roma rights. Ronnie worked tirelessly to improve living circumstances, status and participation of the Traveller and Roma community and she continuously fought for social justice, greater solidarity, development, equality and human rights.

“Ronnie’s life work has been a shining light of advocacy for Traveller and Roma rights. Through her activism, and with the assistance of Traveller community workers and leaders across the country, her courage and passion has changed the lives of so many members of the Traveller community. Her contribution was of such immense significance. She will be so missed.

“May I offer my deepest condolences to Ronnie’s husband Philip, her children Jonathan, Veronica and Patrick, their family and friends; to all of Ronnie’s colleagues in Pavee Point; and to the Traveller and Roma communities who will all miss her so much.

Síocháin shíoraí dá hanam uasal lách croíúil.”

Date: Mon 31st Jan, 2022 | 11:40