Press Release : Government Cuts on Travellers are Neither Fair or Equitable


Left to Right:  Martin Collins, Co-Director, Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre, Matt Cooper, Journalist & Media Broadcaster, Brian Harvey, Researcher & Author of the Report & Siobhan McLaughlin, Co-ordinator, Donegal Travellers Project

Pavee Point launched a report this morning, Travelling with Austerity, which documents the cuts to Travellers, Traveller projects and services since 2008. ‘This Travelling with Austerity report exposes the lie that cuts are being apportioned fairly in society. The report documents and reveals government abandonment of Travellers under the guise of Austerity and is an indictment of government policy and commitments to protecting the vulnerable and ensuring fairness in society’ said Ms. Ronnie Fay, co director of Pavee Point at the report launch this morning.

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Travelleing with Austerity