Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre

Press Statement
July 24th, 2014




Pavee Point today welcomes the UN call for Ireland to take concrete steps to recognise Traveller ethnicity.

Speaking today, Director Martin Collins stated “This follows similar recommendations in the past by human rights bodies and by our own Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality, which has stated that it is no longer tenable for this State to deny Traveller ethnicity. Unquestionably, we now need action.”

The Human Rights Committee also expressed concern at the lack of data pertaining to the Roma in Ireland and recommended that an effective policy and action plan should be implemented following developed in consultation with Traveller and Roma communities.

We welcome this recommendation and in light of the Minister’s commitment in Geneva to develop specific initiatives for Roma, we call for the development of a progressive National Traveller Roma Integration Strategy in line with a human rights framework.

Pavee Point also welcomes the findings of the committee in relation to the Habitual Residence Condition and its impact on women seeking protection from violence. It is of paramount importance that women from vulnerable and marginalised groups, including Travellers and Roma, have equal access to protection.


For more information, please contact

Martin Collins, Director, 0879898819
Siobhan Curran, Roma Coordinator, 0872441283