Press Release: Travellers Health Inequalities to be Prioritised-When?

Pavee Point welcomes the publication of the fourth report on Ireland by ECRI (European Commission against Racism and Intolerance) today and the attention it brings to the situation of Irish Travellers, in particular their health and accommodation needs.

“I’m fed up talking about my health status and the fact that fewer than 3% of my community live to 65 years of age. The All Ireland Health Study provided evidence that our mortality rates are three times the national average and that our suicide rate is six times the average. When will words be put into action?” said Missy Collins, health worker in Pavee Point. “I’m bitterly disappointed that our government has not published an action plan to address our health ineq  ualities as was recommended by the Study” ECRI ‘strongly encourages’  the Irish authorities to address Traveller health inequalities.