Report Racism –

Racist incidents against Travellers are severely under reported, said Shane O  Curry from ENAR Ireland at a training session with Pavee Point this week.  ENAR Ireland are working with Traveller groups to raise awareness of – where people can document and record all different types of incidents of racism and discrimination including racist crime.

“Ireport is a confidential and easy to use, effective way of getting the message out there that racism and discrimination against Travellers is an everyday experience that can have serious negative impacts,” said Mr. O Curry.

ENAR Ireland publish regular reports on racism in Ireland.


Photo: (LtoR)  Chris McDonagh, Traveller Mediation Service; Marianna Prontera, Roma Programme, Pavee Point; Michael Collins, Men’s Health, Pavee Point; Susie McCarthy, Traveller Counselling Service; Megan McDonnell, VAW, Pavee  Point; Tica Muntean, Roma Programme, Pavee Point; Bridget Winters, VAW, Pavee Point, Shane O Curry, ENAR Ireland.