Roma Culture Film for Roma Resistance Day – 16 May

Pavee Point is delighted to share today our documentary Romani Kultura: Roma Voices in Ireland to mark International Romani Resistance Day

On 16 May we remember this date in 1944, when Roma prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp rose up against the Nazi authorities saving some lives in a brave show of resistance and resilience.

Today we continue to honour Roma ongoing resilience in the fight for equality and human rights.

This Pavee Point film focuses on the stories of two young Roma activists and their love for Roma music and dance. Both are second generation Irish Roma, and both are working to progress Roma rights in Ireland.

In the film, Vanessa and Patrick speak about Roma music and culture and what it means to them, how it has been passed down through the generations, and how it informs their work and passions.

The film also features powerful performances, exhibiting traditional Roma song and dance.

Vanessa Paszkowska, is a final year law student and Roma peer researcher at Pavee Point and Patrick Nistor is a musician and volunteer at Longford Youth Service.

“It was great to get the chance to share our culture and empower our community,” said Vanessa.

Patrick performs with a talented band of young Roma musicians at Longford Youth Service, as well as performances from Vanessa with her Mother Monika and sister Alexandra.

“I feel proud of being on this video. It has brought me a lot of confidence,” said Patrick.

Pavee Point welcomes this opportunity to celebrate the rich and diverse Roma experience and culture in Ireland. “The Roma community is greatly impacted by racism, discrimination and disadvantage, and often their daily lives are focused on overcoming adversity, and exclusion.,” said Martin Collins, Pavee Point Co Director.

“We believe that it is an important time to shine a light on the positive work and creativity within the community and to reflect on the resilience and achievements of Roma in Ireland.”

The film is available on YouTube and will be distributed through local groups, film festivals and is also available to schools and colleges.