Roma Healthy Heart Day

Thanks to everyone who attended our Roma Healthy Heart Day this week at Pavee Point.  It was a difficult week for the Roma community, and other minority ethnic groups, given last week’s violence fuelled by the far right in pursuit of a racist agenda.  This left many Roma feeling frightened and vulnerable.

Blood Pressure Checks on Healthy Heart Day

Our event was to promote health within the Roma community in collaboration with the Irish Heart Foundation.  The IHF gave a presentation on heart health and everyone got a blood pressure check.

Presentation from Irish Heart Foundation

Smoothie Bike Ireland gave people a chance to test their fitness by cycling while also making a healthy smoothie.  Who said keeping healthy can’t be fun.  

Our Roma Health Programme aims to address health inequalities faced by Roma. We work according to the principles of Community Development and recognise the Social Determinants of health and work to promote and prioritise Roma in local, regional and national health policy and service responses.

Main photo: Travellers and Roma aim for healthy hearts on the Smoothie Bike. All photos by Tommy Clancy.