Statement on horse racing incident on motorway

The horse racing incident on the N7 motorway, as shown in a video today (20/2/2020), is completely unacceptable and endangers other road users and indeed animals and participants themselves.

This misuse of a public road is shocking and Pavee Point calls on anybody contemplating similar activities to stop and consider the safety of other road users.

Sulkie Racing, which is a longstanding tradition within and outside the Traveller Community, should not be confused with the actions of the participants in this incident.

Sulkie Racing can be carried out in a way which is safe and well regulated as international best practice in other countries demonstrates –  where there is a process and space for it to take place. Examples of good practice also exist around Ireland.

Pavee Point calls on local authorities to engage with Traveller organisations, horse owner projects and the Gardaí to explore how to bring about a resolution which allows this long-standing tradition to continue in a manner which is safe, legal and regulated.