Submission on Universal Health Insurance

Pavee Point has submitted to the Department of Health on the topic of Universal Health Insurance, issuing a number of recommendations about Universal Health Insurance, equality of access to healthcare, equality proofing and the delivery of culturally appropriate health services.

“Those with greater heath needs and poorer health status will be disproportionately affected by issues and deficiencies in a health system. We hold that the proposed system of Universal Health Insurance (UHI) has the potential to address health inequalities, or exacerbate them, leading to even greater disparities in health outcomes for Travellers and Roma.

Pavee Point holds to the principal that in order to achieve equality for Travellers and Roma, attention must be paid to the structural determinants/ issues that impact on them, including education, employment, poverty, health, discrimination and racism. This means that policy and practice must be underpinned by an inter-cultural approach and by principles of equality, diversity and anti-racism. 

Delivering services based on equality does not mean treating people the same, but designing and implementing programmes that are inclusive, culturally appropriate, and appropriate to the needs of groups in society, including Travellers and Roma, and lead to better outcomes for disadvantaged groups, including Travellers and Roma. Fundamentally we believe that Travellers and Roma should be afforded rights to their cultural identity, without experiencing marginalisation and discrimination in the process. “

To read the submission, click the image below.