“In the older years I’m very proud to be a grandmother, and a great grandmother, and to pass some of the knowledge that I know about Travellers on to the younger generation as well.

“I see a big difference. The young Traveller women years ago did not have nearly enough of what the young Travelling women have today. Even the way for cooking, and things like that, is all different today. It’s all faster food. It’s a big big difference.

“They [young Travellers] have a lot more, but yet, has a lot less,” Missy Collins spoke today on a panel about the different ideas of home as part of the @BealtaineFest. Bealtaine celebrates creativity as we age.

“If your living conditions are bad it’s hard to be bubbly all the time.,” she said, “And we must also remember that not so many Travellers make it to a ripe old age. Traveller men die 15 years younger than general population and Traveller women – 11.5 years younger so improving our health is a big issue.”