Tinsmith Can part of Andy Warhol Exhibition at Hugh Lane

A Pavee Point group went to see the Traveller tinsmith can that is part of the ‘Andy Warhol Three Times Out’ exhibition at the Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin.

The tin can and jug were made as part of a workshop with tinsmiths Tom McDonnell and James Collins prior to the exhibition.  James and Tom made the cans from scratch, with no power machinery, as a demonstration of their craftwork.  Pavee Point helped to organise the workshop with the Hugh Lane Gallery.

Workshop with Lourdes Youth and Community Services

Andy Warhol is famous for images of the Campbell Soup Can which was his comment on how mass production and consumerism had come to dominate so much of American life and culture.

The tinsmithing workshop was part of a series of workshops We Can Can Can, that explored themes of of mass production, art and every day life inspired by Andy Warhol  with a group from Lourdes Community Youth Service, organised by the Education and Community Outreach Department of Hugh Lane.

The exhibition runs until the end of January and you can book online.

Tinsmith Tom McDonnell at the workshop
During the workshop participants saw the can being made and got to
JulieAnne Collins at the Andy Warhol exhibition.
Tin jug made by Tom McDonnell and James Collins.

Main picture – Con Conyam of Lourdes Youth and Community Service and Valery O Leary of Pavee Point at the exhibition.