Traveller and Roma Pride 2018: Women’s Voices

To celebrate Traveller and Roma Pride Week, Pavee Point are highlighting women’s voices through a video series. 

These videos feature four powerful Traveller and Roma women speaking about feminism, identity, community and their role models. Thank you to Rosaleen McDonagh, Tessa Collins, Dr. Ethel Brooks, and Gabi Muntean for sharing their experiences of breaking boundaries in their education and work, and thank you to Paula Geraghty for filming these clips at Pavee Point.

“What I love about being a Traveller woman, what I love the most, is the respect and the intergenerational dialogue” -Rosaleen McDonagh

“I learned how to be a strong woman from my mother. My mother was incredibly strong and she defended her rights and those of her family every day” -Dr. Ethel Brooks

Thank you to our contributors: 

Rosaleen McDonagh

Playwright, Regular Contributor to Sunday Miscellany RTÉ Radio One, Irish Times Journalist, PhD Candidate Northumbria University

Tessa Collins

Senior Community Development Worker, Violence Against Women Programme, Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre

Dr. Ethel Brooks

Departments of Women’s and Gender Studies and Sociology, Rutgers University

Gabi Muntean

Community Development Worker, Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre