Traveller Collection catalogue and website

Traveller Collection website and book was launched this week and was a strong reminder of the need for Traveller culture and identity to become more visible in our institutions.

The project Traveller Collection took place in 2018 and Pavee Point Co Director Martin Collins mentioned this week some positive developments that had taken place since then.

And he highlighted the need for effective Traveller participation in making Traveller culture more visible in arts institutions.

Traveller artist Rosaleen McDonagh spoke about what makes up a good collaboration and how the project had highlighted important principles.

(LtoR) Seamus Nolan, artist; Deputy Lord Mayor Joe Costelloe; Rosaleen McDonagh, artist; Barbara Dawson, The Hugh Lane; Ailbhe Murphy, Create. Photo by Derek Speirs.

Barbara Dawson of Hugh Lane Gallery spoke of the gallery’s commitment to diversity and of future projects in this area. and catalogue was launched by Deputy Lord Mayor Joe Costelloe who spoke of how Traveller tinware was part of his life growing up.

Traveller Collection was also supported by Create -for collaborative arts – and the CAPP network and by Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre.

Roslaeen McDonagh and Martin Collins at the launch of Traveller Collection website and catalogue, The Hugh Lane, November 2021.