Traveller Ethnicity at the Mansion House

There was a great celebration of Traveller ethnicity last night at the Mansion House with Dublin’s Lord Mayor, Micheal MacDonncha launching the new issue of Studies in Arts & Humanities which focuses on indigenous peoples and features an editorial by Martin Collins.

Martin Collins
Marie O’ Neill sub editor of Studies in Arts and Humanities at the launch of this issue on indigenous peoples.

Martin spoke of the struggle to achieve official recognition of Traveller ethnicity and Bridgie Collins and Molly Collins sang a song. Katarina Garcia accompanied by guitarist Peter Moc also feature in this issue and sang songs from the Judeo Spanish tradition.

Katarina Garcia accompanied by Peter Moc
Molly Collins sings a song.

It was great to see the #TravellerEthnicityPin on such fine display for #HumanRightsDay.

Anna Wilson Flynn and Ferdia Darragh wearing the Traveller Ethnicity Pin at the launch of Studies in Arts and Humanities.
Katarina Garcia accompanied by Peter Moc