Traveller Men Complete Runamuck Challenge

On Saturday 2nd March, a group of 14 Traveller Men completed the Runamuck Challenge held in the 3,000 acre Coolcarrigan Estate.

The challenge is made up of a very muddy 5.5km run, which includes 50 obstacles to climb, jump and help eachother through. If you’re feeling brave enough, you can also do another lap of the course, meaning it’s a 11km run with 100 obstacles!

In preparation for the event, this group did 10 sessions in a ‘Calorie Chamber’, which is a heated fitness studio. Organised by John Collins & Michael Collins, Men’s Health Workers at Pavee Point & Michael Collins, Up to 20 Traveller men attended and it became a space for them to also discuss their mental and physical health.

A very well done to you all, despite the snow the day before this group still went out and had a great time at Runamuck.