Traveller & Roma Day Celebrated on MU Campus

The 8th of April is the anniversary of the 1st World Roma Congress in London in London in 1971 to and to celebrate there was a day long campus cultural event at MU North Campus on Wednesday 6th of April.

The Traveller barrel top wagon from the Living Heritage Exhibiton was the centrepiece of the show and there were performances by Traveller & Roma artists as well as discussions.

MU students Megan Berry, David Joyce  and Vanessa Paszkowska spoke with MU President, Professor Eva Leinonen on ‘How Open are Universities to Traveller & Roma’. 

Panellists listening to MU President, Professor Eva Leinonen.

The second discussion focused on  research and policy in Higher Education and included Dr Sindy Joyce of University Limerick, Owen Ward of NUI Galway, and Thomas McCann of the Traveller Counselling Service.

Also attending were Traveller students who are part of the HSE Ireland supported pilot education programme for Travellers.

The event was hosted by the Maynooth University Access Programme, College Connect and the Department of Applied Social Studies.  

Photo caption: Owen Ward, Megan Berry and Martin Collins and the Living Heritage Exhibition at MU.