Traveller & Roma Women Continue to Experience Discrimination in Services Around Gender Based Violence – Council of Europe

Pavee Point welcomes the first report on Ireland from the Council of Europe’s expert committee on Violence Against Women, (GREVIO) published yesterday on 13th November.

The report echoes Pavee Point’s concerns that Traveller and Roma women’s experiences and needs are not sufficiently taken into account in current mechanisms and responses to gender based violence (GBV). 

The report notes that: ‘barriers continue to be encountered by women subject to intersectional discrimination, including Roma and Traveller women…, as regards access to support services, information and protection.’

The report also pointed out that Roma and Traveller women experience discriminatory treatment by members of the police, the courts’ services, TUSLA and general support services, including access to long-term accommodation. 

It recommends the Irish authorities develop and improve accessibility to protection and support services for Traveller, Roma and other groups of women exposed to intersectional discrimination.

It also recommends Ireland ensures ‘that the training provided adopts an intersectional approach…and of the need to dispel stereotypes surrounding these groups.’ 

Finally, we welcome Grevio’s call on the Government to ensure that shelters can accommodate the needs of women subject to intersectional discrimination and that current policy is implemented on the ground. 

Access the full GREVIO report here.

Our joint coalition submission to GREVIO can be found here.