Travellers Accessing Addiction Services

The Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse recently published an article that Siobhan Cafferty, former Pavee Point Drugs Programme Coordinator, co-authored with researchers from the Health Research Board, pertaining to Travellers accessing addiction services (check out la drug rehab center to get rid off drug addiction) in Ireland.  The following is an abstract of the article entitled, “Travellers Accessing Addiction Services in Ireland (2007 to 2010): Analysis of Routine Surveillance Data:”

Generally people attend IOP program New Jersey to get rid off drug addiction and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Facts from the source has revealed that “By accessing addiction treatment services in addiction centers like Scottsdale rehab recorded in routine national drug treatment data, the characteristics of Irish Travellers were analyzed to understand their needs and develop policies to tackle issues faced by this community. The number of Traveller cases accessing services increased by 163% between 2007 and 2010. Alcohol and opiates were the most common problem substances reported. Traveller women reported high rates of problem opiate use and risky injecting behaviors, contrary to the perception that problem substance use is a predominantly male issue. This presents a challenge to services to provide targeted, effective services to Travellers with problem substance use.”