UN Forum on Minority Issues

Pavee Point spoke at the UN Forum on Minority Issues this week in Geneva. Gabi Muntean of our Roma Programme  acknowledged the progress made on the 30th anniversary of the UN Declaration on Minorities but highlighted key challenges.

“Our work as Minority Rights Defenders remains crucial, as we continue to face significant challenges in the implementation of Traveller and Roma policies and responses,” said Ms. Muntean.

(LtoR) Gabi Muntean, Roma Programme, Pavee Point and Anastasia Crickley, Chairperson, Pavee Point.

“With deepening education inequalities for Travellers and Roma since the COVID pandemic, we await a National Traveller Education Strategy which has been committed to in the programme for Government. We need more equality data to monitor the outcomes for Travellers and Roma on the ground.”

Pavee Point also highlighted our concern regarding Ukrainian Roma arriving in Ireland. “Since March 2022, Ukrainian Roma families have been seeking refuge in Ireland and we have, highlighted emerging concerns, and worked with key agencies involved in the response.”

“We continue to need to work to protect and promote the rights of Travellers, Roma and other minorities and this can only be done through the use of urgent and effective implementation and monitoring processes and with the support of the international community,”  she concluded.

Gabi Muntean on screen making her presentation.