Voter’s Registration- Your Vote: Use it or Lose it


Local and European elections are due in May 2014. Your local council is responsible for putting together the Register of Electors.

Every Local Authority operates slightly differently so it is worth checking with your local Council to find out the precise procedures they use.

The first step is to check the register to see if you are on it.

Your council very often carries out house-to-house or other local enquiries for the purpose of preparing the draft register that will come into effect on 15th February 2014 . In many cases, this will involve delivering registration (RFA) forms to households for completion. A registration authority may require a person to produce documentary evidence in support of eligibility to vote, e.g. a birth certificate or a certificate of naturalisation in the case of citizenship.

The draft register is published on 1st November 2013 and, as part of the annual public information campaign, is made available for examination at post offices, public libraries, Garda stations, courthouses and local authority offices up to 25th November 2013 and the public are invited to check the draft during this period to make sure that they are correctly registered or if someone in the family is still on the register having moved away or passed away the Council should be notified.

Any errors or omissions in the draft should be brought immediately to the attention of the registration authority.

If a person is not included in the Register of Electors currently in force, they may apply for entry in the Supplement to the Register. This is the form that should be filled in and returned to your council voters registration section

When the Minister sets the date for the Local and European elections this form will no longer be accepted and a new form will be be available. Persons entered in the Supplementary Register are entitled to vote at next election. Any individual entered in the Supplement will automatically be entered in the Register of Electors published the following February.