World Suicide Prevention Day 10th September

‘Suicide among Travellers is six times the national average and accounts for 11% of all Traveller deaths. This is shocking,” says John Collins of Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre on World Suicide Prevention Day, 10th September. John’s work on the Pavee Point Health Team involves raising awareness on Traveller suicide.

‘Traveller male suicide is actually 7 times higher than the national average and for Traveller women suicide is 5 times higher than the national average according to ‘Our Geels – the All Ireland Traveller Health Study 2010’,” explains John.

‘We feel the high rate of suicide is caused by discrimination, lack of education, lack of employment and lack of services for Travellers – especially Traveller men. Unemployment among Traveller men is at a staggering 84% – the national figure at the time of the study was 14%.”

“Due to lack of accommodation more Travellers are being forced to live in private rented accommodation away from the traditional family network and this is increasing exclusion and isolation,” adds John.

Pavee Point’s Health Projects work to raise awareness about suicide among the Traveller community through meetings and information.
‘The Government needs to do more to help Travellers to access mental health services. Services need to Reach Out to Travellers,” concludes John.