Your Rights. Right Now – ICCL

Martin Collins of Pavee Point spoke today at the launch of ICCL’s ‘Your Rights. Right Now’ – a new audit on Ireland’s human rights performance.

The report endorsed  by 17 NGOs, trade unions and civil society groups led to calls for the implementation of recommendations from the last review and further recognition of human rights.

The ICCL calls for the Government to recognise Traveller ethnicity without further delay.

The report also highlights the lack of overall prioritisation of Travellers and Roma since 2011.  Just this year the Government committed to working in partnership with Traveller organisations to revise the strategy which we welcome.

Meanwhile failure by local authorities to reach legally binding targets to provide adequate accommodation for Travellers continues without sanction.

This independent audit of Ireland’s human rights performance since its last UPR hearing (2011) will assist the Human Rights Council to identify areas where progress has been made, as well as highlight issues on which further work is required.

The report is available at