Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

Gabi Muntean of Pavee Point’s Roma Programme spoke this week at the Holocaust Memorial Day event organised by the Holocaust Education Trust.

The event was a live streamed and contained a mix of live and pre-recorded material recalling the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Gabi spoke of the ghettoes of Jews, Roma, Communists and Homosexuals that were created by the Nazis across Europe and where thousands were incarcerated and died.

An estimated 500,000 Roma were murdered by Nazis and over 6 million Jews were murdered because of their ethnicity. Millions more were killed because of their disability, sexual orientation, political affiliations or their religious beliefs. 

Anastasia Crickley, chairperson of Pavee Point and ex Chair of the UN Committee for the Elmination of Racial Discrimination also took part in the event.

The ceremony (1h 06 min)  cherishes the memory of all who perished in the Holocaust and includes readings, survivors’ recollections, candle-lighting and music.  It is attended by people from all walks of life and is a moving and dignified event.

Catch up with the event at this link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp9XsM1KGII&feature=youtu.be