Realising Roma Children’s Rights

Realising Roma Children’s Rights Conference

Pavee Point hosted the conference “Realising Roma Children’s Rights” on 10 April to mark International Traveller and Roma Day.  The conference was addressed by Minister Fitzgerald, Emily Logan, Professor Jacqueline Bhabha from Harvard University and Iulius Rostas from Corvinus University.  The conference highlighted serious child welfare issues facing Roma children in Ireland including child poverty and a lack of access to medical care, resulting in grave child protection issues. Poverty was identified as the key factor stopping children participating in school.  A full conference report will follow.  On the day three conference reports were launched. 

These are:

  1. 1.     Challenging Barriers and Misconceptions – Roma Maternal Health in Ireland
  2. 2.     Roma and Education
  3. 3.     Roma Communities in Ireland and Child Protection Considerations

These can all be accessed here.

Listen to members of the Roma project speaking on Morning Ireland from 41.20 – 46 mins.

Irish Times article “Taking into care of Roma children ‘a shame for the State'”.