Violence Against Women

Pavee Point’s Violence against Women (VAW) Programme has been working to address violence against Traveller and Roma women since 1998. The programme works uses mainstreaming and targeted approaches, to:

  • raise awareness of violence against women;
  • address barriers to services and protections; 
  • advocate and work towards effective policy and legislation

Domestic, sexual and gender-based violence (DSGBV) affects all women. However, women from minority ethnic groups, including Travellers and Roma, experience a number of barriers and challenges which can prevent women from seeking support, safety and protection, placing them at a higher risk.

The programme works in partnership with Traveller organisations and national and local service providers in order to address violence against Traveller women as a health issue and a human rights violation. It also works to ensure Traveller women are explicitly included in existing and future policies.

Policy & Representational Work


  • Inclusion of Traveller and Roma in mainstream policy
  • National Traveller Roma Inclusion Strategy (NTRIS)
  • Third National Strategy on DSGBV
  • National Strategy for Women and Girls


  • Women’s Aid Maternity Project External Advisory Group
  • Dublin Rape Crisis Centre’s Consent Project Advisory Group
  • Legal Aid Board’s External Consultative Panel Domestic Violence Sub-Group
  • Courts Service Civil Society Group
  • Traveller DSGBV Project Advisory Group
  •  Women’s Aid & Trinity College Dublin’s Research Advisory Group on Custody and Access
  • Victim’s Forum
  • Victim’s Forum Sub Group  
  • National Traveller Tusla Working Group
  • Tusla’s Diversity in Modern Ireland Working Group
  • Dublin Rape Crisis Centre’s Reproductive Coercion and Intimate Partner Violence Study Advisory Group


Traveller DSGBV Project

Pavee Point coordinates the Traveller Domestic, Sexual Gender-based Project established in 2018, funded by Cuan. This project is a collaboration with Cork Traveller Visibility Group, St. Catherine’s Community Services Centre, Donegal Travellers’ Project, Galway Traveller Movement, Wicklow Travellers’ Group and Cavan Traveller Movement.

The project aims to increase Traveller women’s access to services and protections by working with the community and with service providers and policy makers. The project maps out specific issues and barriers that Traveller women face in relation to domestic and sexual violence and develops responses. 


Pavee Healthy Relationship Programme 

The Pavee Healthy Relationship Programme, funded by the Department of Justice started in 2021 as a partnership between Pavee Point, Tusla and Galway Rape Crisis Centre. As young people form relationships, there is a need to give a clear model of what healthy relationships look like, and what often difficult and ‘scary’ concepts, such as consent, mean and look in real life. This Programme aims to support young Travellers with knowledge and skills to form healthy relationships and interactions in their lives. It does this by supporting young people to think about healthy relationships, online safety, and consent. In this way, the Pavee Healthy Relationship Programme hopes to prevent unhealthy relationships and domestic and sexual violence.