Traveller Men’s Health Programme

The overall aim of this project is to address the health inequalities experienced by Traveller men as highlighted in the All Ireland Traveller Health Study (2010).

Cutting the cake for Traveller men’s health. (LtoR) Michael Keenan, Paul Stokes, Davy McDonagh, Johnny McDonnell, John Collins, Rory O’Bryne, Ronnie Fay, John Paul Collins, Fergal Fox, Martin Reilly and Richard O’Leary with Michael Collins and Patrick Reilly cutting the cakes. ©Photo by Derek Speirs.

Our Objectives:

  • Develop tools to promote the participation of Traveller men, with a focus on empowerment and self-esteem, on issues that affect their health.
  • Identify, build and support inter-sectoral and inter-agency partnerships to create better opportunities and outcomes for Traveller Men.
  • Identify issues and recommendations through a collective response which can inform policy makers, service providers and other stake-holders.
  • Traveller men get health information at Men’s Health Day in the Phoenix Park, 2023. Photo by Tommy Clancy.

Highlights of Our Work:

  • Raising awareness on health issues among Traveller men
  • Working with service providers
  • Research and Representation
Men’s Health Workers (LtoR) John Collins and Michael Collins at Men’s Health Day, 2023. Photo by Tommy Clancy.

Contact the Men’s Health Project:

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